Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get Ready for Fall by Fall Cleaning Your Closet

This is just the time to get started on your fall home projects. Why not get your closet ready for fall and winter by fall cleaning your closet yeah it's not as catchy as spring cleaning but it's still quite necessary.

So here are few quick ways to get your closet ready for Fall:

1. Organize into piles. Take each item and place into one of three piles: Keep (things you love), Donate or Trash. Make it easier on yourself and give away anything you haven't worn in a year or don't ever see yourself wearing again unless it's a special occasion item. Seriously are you really going to wear that hot pink bride's maid dress again. But if you're really on the fence about keeping certain items, then place the items you love but haven't worn in the front of your closet. So that you will see it everytime you get ready to find something to wear and if another year rolls around and you still haven't worn it then give it away.

Next, sort the keep pile into Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer. You want to take stock and look over all your cool weather items to make sure there are no holes, staines, etc.

2. Don't hold on to your past or future (weight that is). Toss anything that has the mental label "My skinny" or "When I reach a certain weight". Odds are when you reach your desired weight you will want to purchase new items to celebrate the accomplishments.

3. Box and Storage out of season items. But keep some Spring/Summer pieces such as cami's, t-shirts, etc to layer under sweaters and jackets.

It doesn't have to be perfect just easier for you to get to what you want to wear.

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