Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's Fashion Pick: Cocktails with the Girls

You have plans to meet the girls for cocktails and you want to look dazzling and fresh. But, what to wear? Something flirty, sophisticated and comfortable; you want to be able to enjoy every laugh, update and gossip without feeling hassled by what your wearing.

You'll turn heads by pairing a blazer (just incase it's chilly) with a sexy yet sophisticated top and jeans. Accessorize with a slim clutch and open toe pumps.

Women's Cotton Twill One-Button Blazer $39.50 Old Navy

Elie Tahari Sequin Silk Chiffon 'Bonnie' Blouse $178.00

High-Heel Flare Jeans $98.00 J.Crew

Carlo Fellini Rhinestone Bracelet Clutch $65.00 Nordstrom

Anne Klein New York 'Beata' Pump $235.00 Nordstrom

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Anonymous said...

ooh those shoes are sooo me