Monday, September 15, 2008

Domino Magazine's Time Saving Closet Clutter Solutions

Have a hard time getting out the door on time? Your closet may be the reason. With Domino Magazine's Closet Clutter Solutions you will no longer be the last one to the office or late for a party because you can't find what you're looking for.

But, before you begin organizing, assess your morning routine and see how you can free up for time.

Lacking a closet or in need of a great way to organize a studio or a small apartment? Look into having a custom storage unit built around the bed.

To keep the little one's organized and on the go, place bins and boxes on a stainless steel shelving unit to keep toys, papers and more at hands reach. To hid or conceal the unit from guests, add curtains.

To make use of extra space, transform odd nooks and corners into closets by adding curtains and shelves.

Can't remember where you left that proposal or bill? Organize small items, bills and other papers in a storage desk or an armoire to cut down on the clutter.

To maximize all your space, customize closet doors with bulletin boards.

Keep it simple by adding easy to read labels.

Organize with same color boxes for a more uniform look. They're also a great way to store out of season clothing.

Can't find that black cardigan that makes you look smart? Then take time to color-code your clothes it will make getting dress so much easier.

No floor space for shoes, try a unique storage option by placing shoes on a bookcase. No room in the closet, place the bookcase on an unused corner or wall in the room.

To free up additional closet space, fold items like sweaters and t-shirts and place on shelves.

Organize by separating and placing like items together such as pants, skirts, or by office vs party attire.

An easy solution for storing clutches, lie them flat in a drawer to optimize space.

Reduce frustration by organizing jewelry by color then place in jewelry trays.

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