Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are we Overloaded with Celebrity Product Promotion?

by Style and Focus Lifestyle PR

This might sound strange coming from someone in Marketing & PR but there are too many ads featuring celebrities as well as there are too many celebrity products being aimed at the same target market.

A few questions that come to mind are: Do we really need to see so many celebrities in ads to purchase a product? Are companies relying too much on the celebrity endorsement to sell their products or are they just cashing in on our celebrity obsessed culture? Some might say that they are spending to much time and money on the celebrities instead of the focusing on promoting their product.

For instance, if you flip through any of the latest issue of a fashion magazine and you will see a large quantity of ads featuring some of the top as well as the latest IT celebrities promoting perfume, shampoo, skin care, clothing and more. With the fickleness of fans and not just in Hollywood, companies as well as celebrities entrepreneurs take a real risk of over exposure.

But do companies as well as their products risk losing their identity with being associated with the celebrity? What happens if the celebrity's image takes a hit? Will that reflect upon the product or the company?

It's almost to the point where it's considered a "no-brainer" to put a celebrity in an ad or endorse a beauty or fashion item. Because they know that some women are "star gazers" and want to be like them, which results in a good source of sales and revenue.

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