Monday, August 4, 2008

What I'm Reading Now: "Murder Unleashed"

I checked out a few books from the library over the weekend and the first book I started reading is "Murder Unleashed: A Dead-End Job Mystery" by Elaine Viets.

Right off the bat it's a fast read, well written and very funny. Even though I haven't read the other books in the series this book is written so that you can understand the main character and why she is going from one dead-end job to the next. So far it's a great book and I think I just found a new favorite author.

About "Murder Unleashed":

With a resume that includes attempted assault and alimony evasion, Helen Hawthorne has no choice but to take on a series of dead-end jobs to make ends meet. Unfortunately, they're exposing her to a lot of people who end of dead.

Working at the Barker Brothers Pampered Pet Boutique, Helen hustles a selection of canine cuisine and couture that beats anything in her own fridge or closet. And to top it off, the star groomer-with his towering rages-rivals any prima donna stylist of the fashion world. When Helen goes to drop off a dog at the home of a client he's insulted, she finds the blond trophy wife stretched out naked by her pool with a pair of ten-inch grooming scissors sticking out of her chest. Afraid of awkward questions from the police, Helen erases her prints from the scene.

Later that same day, an adorable labradoodle puppy named Barkley is kidnapped from the boutique. Barkley is the most valuable pup in Fort Lauderdale. if his owner sues, the store will be ruined. To add to Helen's stress, there's a hurricane headed straight for South Florida, and her boyfriend, Phil is beginning to realize she has a few secrets up her hardworking sleeve. Now Helen has to find the killer and the kidnapper, and come clean, or hr new life will be gone with the wind....

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