Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Shows to Watch Tonight: Eureka and Greek

9:00pm EST SCI FI Channel (Check Local Listings for Time)

I can't believe I forgot to include Eureka for the summer shows to watch. I love this show, it centers on a top-secret town full of crazy scientist where there inventions don't always garner success or work right. Tonight's episode is about a search for a mummy after a famed archaeologist opens the tomb of an Egyptian queen at Global Dynamics, which can only result into something crazy.

9:00pm EST ABC Family 60min

My other favorite show Greek, returns with the campus set for Greek Week and all the turmoil and fallout from the bad press from Rebecca's father. While Calvin and Rusty trying to figure out how to stay friends as well as neutral through all the Greek games between their fraternities.

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Modern Mix Vancouver said...

so addictive!! =)