Thursday, August 7, 2008

Style and Focus Review of the Fall 2008 Fashion Season

I am quite disappointed with this season. I found it to be a little drab and boring. Many of the designers used black so much to the point I was finding myself quoting the Joker with "Why so serious?". Who says fashion can't be fun and as well as who made the rule that Fall/Winter = dull, dark and gloomy. Yes, Fall is suppose to have a dramatic element but there was no oomph or excitement this season. It almost seemed a little stale.

Many of the collections seem to have a futuristic 80's vibe, boxy baggy shapeless or granny chic pieces in which neither would make you feel feminine nor glamorous. It makes you wonder who the designer's have in mind when they are thinking up their collections.

However, there are designers who got it correct and balanced their colors and different shapes and I will feature many of the collections I thought were really great and put together throughout the upcoming days and weeks.

There also still continues to be a lack of Black, Asian and Hispanic models strolling down the catwalk. The designers always say it's about the clothes then why isn't there more models of color gracing the runway, if it's really all about the clothes.

The fall trends that I have noticed are:

- Asymmetric Hems and Collars

- Oversized Collars

- Dresses: The staple this season will be the dress from simple shift to elegant evening gown.

- Coats: from bold colors to strong neutrals either mini or full length.

- Capes and Boleros

- Suits: Sleek Black Pant Suits and quite a few skirt suits (Chanel had a lot in their collection)

- Long Straight Shiny Hair

- Patterns: Floral, Plaid, Animal and Multi

- Tall Black Boots

- Feathers, Fur and Lace: I'm not a big fan of the use of fur but many of the designers have it in their collections. Feathers will be on dresses, coats and skirts. Delicate lace will seen as accents or as the main attraction on gorgeous evening gowns.

- Colors: Jewel tones (blues, greens and purples), Black, Gray and White.

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