Thursday, August 7, 2008

10 Summer Show Worth Checking Out

It used to be during the summer when you least expect to find any good shows to watch but surprisingly there are quite a few good ones on. Check them out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

1. Pam: Girl on the Loose
Sundays 10:00pm EST (check local listing for times) on E!

Shot documentary style but pretty cool. It's different and fun like the star itself. Pamela Anderson lets viewers into her high pace sometimes glamorous lifestyle as well as getting to show off her activist side like on the premiere episode in which she donated all the money from her estate sale to PETA.

2. Family Foreman
Wednesdays 10:00pm EST on TVLand

A reality show on George Foreman and his family. Similar to Run's House (on MTV) the show is wholesome and really shows that Foreman is business oriented and as well as a loving father and husband.

3. Mad Men
Sundays 10:00pm EST on AMC Rating Guide: T14

Returning for the second season, Mad Men centers on the advertising hotshots on Madison Avenue set in the 1960's. This intelligently written show is not just for fans of old movies and TV shows but for all who are looking for something different than what currently on.

4. Run's House
Wednesdays 10:00pm EST on MTV

Run's House returned for it's fifth season and shows the family branching off to do individual things some within the Simmons company. Also, introducing a new member to the Simmons family, a new baby.

5. Burn Notice
Thursdays 10:00pm EST on USA Network

Burn Notice centers on ex-spy Michael Westen trying to figure out who put a burn notice on him. The second season finds Michael perhaps a little closer to that, with a deadly contact.

6. Monk
Fridays 9:00pm EST on USA Network

Follow the great yet obsessive compulsive detective Adrian Monk solve strange and unique cases. A former under the radar show that has funny twists and turns.

7. Psych
Fridays 10:00pm EST on USA Network

Follow fake psychic Shaw Spencer and his best friend and crime solving partner Buster "Gus" Guster attempt to get themselves hired for cases that police can not solve resulting in funny mistakes along the way.

8. Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Sundays 9:00pm EST on USA Network

This show is great there's is always a twist at the end. Also, don't miss Chris Noth's last few episode.

9. House of Payne
Wednesdays 9:00pm EST (4 back-to-back episodes) on TBS

Tyler Perry's House of Payne centers on the Payne family and their strange friends and neighbors. Although it's a comedy, the show has showcased social issues such as heart disease, abuse, and AIDS/HIV.

10. In Plain Sight
Sundays 10:00pm EST on USA Network

A new series on USA that centers around Deputy Marshal, Mary Shannon and her partner Marshall Mann protecting witnesses and putting them in a Federal witness protection program.

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