Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 Easy Summer Hairstyles from Glamour

Stop wishing you're stuck on a island a la Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon to get the most irresistible summer hair. Glamour magazine has four summer sexy hairstyles that are easy to do and will have you feeling sexier this summer despite the rising temptures.
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Easy Summer Hair Ideas from Glamour

This is no time of year to be stuck in a steamy bathroom wrestling with a heat-styling appliance. Meet our four favorite low-effort looks:

A Pretty Ponytail

The ponytail is a classic summer hairstyle but why not give it a sexy upgrade. To create this look: You can pull off this quick upgrade even without the fancy headband. In fact, you may have tried this move back in junior high--slick your hair back into a basic pony, then add extra elastics every couple of inches down the tail (or for shorter hair, every inch) The trick that makes the look more Grecian goddess than phys-ed-esque: Gently tug the hair between each elastic to give it some pretty poof.

Grown-up Pigtails

The pigtails, long associated with being cute has now been upgraded to sultry. These low, messy ponies will keep hair off your face on a 90-degree day while still giving you a sexy, hair-down look. And you won't have to work up a sweat styling them either. To create this look: Just center-part your hair using your fingers (a comb would make it too neat) and secure each side into a pigtail at the nape of your neck, loosening some pieces above the elastics and finger-teasing the tails to add volume.

Beach-babe Waves

It's no fun wearing your hair back every day. Don't let your fear of frizz make you forgo a sexy beach-babe mane. To create this look: Spritz leave-in conditioner onto damp hair (bonus if you've been swimming in salt water--that'll add sexy texture) and twist into two big buns, pinning them high on your head. Let them dry while you chill in the sun, or wear them overnight, then unpin and tousle. Suddenly, the humidity will be your volume-boosting best friend!

The Lazy-girl Updo

Buns might be the most underrated summer hair trick--they're completely chic and humidity-proof. To create this look: Just make a low, sleek pony, loosely twist the tail into a bun and secure with a few bobby pins. (Bonus: It works as well with damp hair as dry.) This season, try dressing yours up by sliding in a bunch of glitzy hair sticks or by adding a pretty headband.

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