Friday, June 13, 2008

8 Ways to Enjoy the Summer from Style and Focus PR

Summer is the perfect time to for fun and recharging your drained and stressed out batteries. This is the time to create that summer lifestyle.

Here a few tips from Style and Focus to get you started:

- Plan the first official summer party, make it a carefree, no-worry affair by planning it with friends. It could be a beach theme or school's out for summer party (regardless if you're past the school years). Have the quintessential beach balls, beach chairs, hamburgers, hot dogs and summer punch (plus a non-alcoholic one for the kids).

- Go for a morning jog on the beach with your dog. If no beach around head to the park.

- Plan a sophisticated picnic including champagne cocktails, fancy appetizers and desserts.

- Find an hour (at least) to veg out and relax. Take a book or a couple of magazines and head to the sofa or that comfy chair, or maybe the backyard, the park or your balcony. The main thing is to take that extra time to for you.

- Plan a hiking day with friends. Hitting the trails and seeing nature in a relaxing environment is definite mood booster. Don't forget the trail mix and water.

- Do yoga in the backyard or at the park. Don't want to go it alone, call your friends. Then make plans for smoothies afterward.

- If it's not too far, walk or bike to the local market. Not only will it save you gas but you'll get a good amount of exercise.

- Have an ice cream social and have guests bring either ice cream, cones/bowls or toppings for everyone to try. Have a station or table where guests can create sundaes, mix toppings, etc.

Whatever your summer plans are just make sure to have fun and enjoy the most relaxing time of the year.

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