Friday, May 23, 2008

Trends in Kid's Summer Toys

The trend this summer is to get kids and teens outside and moving. With an increase in non-activity, many parents will be seeking more active toys that will encourage play and adventure that will keep them busy and happy outdoors all summer long. This season the stores have a vast inventory of active toys that are sure to get the kids away from the couch. From the traditional toys and equipment such as bikes, skateboards and baseball to the non-traditional such as inflatable bouncers and water sports, the goal is to make the summer more active.

The emphasis is on taking the activities that they love from TV, video games and the computer to the great outdoors. If they love playing soccer or basketball video games then why not introduce them to the actual sport. They will learn new skills and will be having so much fun. Nostalgia of summers gone bye is another trend that have parents and grandparents introducing outdoor sports and activities of their youth to their children such as jump rope, ping pong, and flying kites all to create fun new memories.

Just don't forget to keep the summer safe with bicycle helmets and pads. Below are some fun options:

Barbie Golf Jr Set

Mylec Delux Hockey Goal Set

Design Your Own Soccer Ball Kit

Sportcraft Garden Collection Croquet Set
$139.99 only

Jump Smart Trampoline

Barbie Skateboard

Mylec Soccer Goal Set

Spalding NBA Official Zi/O Excel Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball

Little Tikes Auto Pitch Batting Trainer


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