Friday, May 9, 2008

Food Pick: John Kelly Chocolates

A delicious food pick are the gourmet truffle fudge bars from John Kelly Chocolates. These are a chocoholics dream fudge, a perfect gift for mom or a just thinking of you gift for a friend. The fudge bars are mouthwatering, soft and creamy with a blend of truffle and fudge and if that's not enough they're covered in semi-sweet dark chocolate.

The bars are offered in two different sizes: 2oz and 8oz and comes in a assortment of flavors including Cappuccino, Vanilla, Carmel, Peanut Butter in with or without nuts. Each item is individually wrapped in gold foil and packaged in a brilliant bronze or gold gift box. Prices range from $7.25 to $134.00.

They also have gift towers, gift baskets, bars of the monthly clubs and wedding favor boxes. Available either from John Kelly Chocolates website, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom.

Box of One 2-ounce Truffle Fudge Bar
Available in: Chocolate or Dark Chocolate with or without nuts
$7.25 each

Box of One 8-ounce Truffle Fudge Bar
Available in assorted flavors
$14.00 each

Large Truffle Fudge Bar Tower
Includes: One box of twelve 2-oz., One box of two 8-oz., One box of one 8-oz. and One box of two 2-oz. Truffle Fudge Bars
$90.00 each

Box of Four 2-ounce Truffle Fudge Bars
Available in assorted flavors
$18.50 each

Small Gift Basket
Includes: One box of two 8-oz., One box of one 8-oz., and Two boxes of one 2-oz. Truffle Fudge Bars
$66.00 each

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