Friday, February 1, 2008

Two New Shows Premiering: Down Home with the Neely's and Mr. Men

Before I dash out to meet friends to see "The Eye" starring Jessica Alba I wanted to mention two new shows premiering both on Saturday and Monday morning.

Down Home with the Neely's 30min The Food Network

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Pat and Gina Neely and their family own and operate some of Tennessee's best barbecue restaurants. But when they are relaxing at home in Memphis, they love to create tasty dishes their whole family can enjoy. Now they're ready to share secrets from their famous restaurant dishes along with their most delicious family-friendly recipes. The premiere episode will focus on Sunday Supper recipes including Memphis-Style Hickory-Smoked Beef and Pork Ribs and Strawberry Shortcut Cake.

Mr. Men Show 30min Cartoon Network

Something for the kids, the updated cartoon "The Mr. Men Show" based on the popular books created by Roger Hargreaves. This colorful cartoon is not just for children but also for nostalgic adults who remember the original cartoon and books. It will be making it's debut Monday on the Cartoon Network.

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