Monday, February 18, 2008

My Life: Just on my mind 3

* I watched the NBA All-Star game last night I thought the half time show was great because it incorporated the spirit of New Orleans. The game was cool, I was rooting for the East and I'm glad that they won.

* Over the weekend I went to an estate sell with my mother and she purchased 16 old and classic books for only $5.00. If you get a chance attend one you never know what you might find. I looked but did not see any antique teapots.

* I received an e-mail asking me What's going to be hot for spring? What's hot is pretty much whatever you like but colors are always in and this year the color yellow seems to be quite popular. As for accessories, I noticed less = more and simple delicate pieces are going to worn. For make-up, soft pinks and peaches paired with fuller but neat eye brows.

* I don't know if you've noticed but there seem to be less ads and commercials using "sex" to sell. I remember reading a study that showed that most people don't even realize what product is being promoted. The formula doesn't seem to have the impact it once had. Constantly bombarding the potential customer with sexy ads just pushes the product right out of their mind.

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