Monday, January 14, 2008

One to Watch: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson may be best known for his role as Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". However, since then he's landed the coveted role of Edward Cullen in the upcoming film "Twilight", which is based on the popular book series by author Stephenie Meyer.

As well as acting in movies, his experience includes theater work at the historic Barnes Theater Company and at the Old Sorting Office Arts Centre in London; and in television movies: "Ring of the Nibelungs", "Haunted Airman" and "The Bad Mother's Handbook" based on the novel by Kate Long.

Besides the anticipated film "Twilight", some of his other upcoming projects are: the short film"The Summer House" which is based on the novel by Ian Beck, "How to be" and "Little Ashes" where he plays the legendary artist Salvador Dali.

Pattinson is starting to get noticed for his acting skills and in 2005 he was named "British Star of Tomorrow" by The Times, one of Britain's oldest newspapers.

Despite being an up-and-coming actor, this UK native is also a model. He can be seen in the Fall/Winter 2007 campaign for Hackett luxury menswear (see pictures below). Pattinson's popularity is rapidly increasing and with the anticipation of the film "Twilight" his career will most likely soar.

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Anonymous said...

He certainly is one to watch! I can't wait to see 'The Summer House', though i'm not sure just how widely it will be released...sigh.

p.s 'the summer house' is written by Ian Beck...dennish hall is the publisher....i only know because it costs a lot of money to buy, lol.


Sara said...

He's amazing indeed.
I bet he'll do great in Twilight and leave us all very surprised with his talent.

Lifestyle Guru said...

Thanks Alyssa,

I'm making the correction.

Anonymous said...

If you're up for making corrections to this piece - he's never done any professional theatre...

those clubs you mention are just amateur stuff (are they really "historic" btw? i had no idea.)

Anonymous said...

ROB is gonna be great..he's perfect for de part in many ways..its jus pathetic de way a lot of fans of de series are "butchering" him!!

Anonymous said...

Robert, if by chance you read this... I think you are going to be perfect for the role of Edward. DON'T listen to the Twilight fans who are saying otherwise. They will be blown away when they see how brillant you are!

Anonymous said...

Im probally the biggest Twilight fan in the entire world! I love love love Edward Cullen and Robert if you read this ignore them you will do amazing! Loved you in Harry Potter and wont be dissapointed in Twilight potraying my vampire love...... good luck to all you!

Anne D. said...

You sure called this one right!