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One to Watch: Danneel Harris

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Elta Danneel Graul or professionally known as Danneel Harris is mostly known as the ultimate bad girl Rachel Gatina on "One Tree Hill". Harris joined the cast during the third season in 2005 and her character quickly became a fan favorite as the girl you love to hate.

Although she is on a hit show, Ms. Harris is relatively unknown to most but you may have recognized her from some of the following shows: "What I Like About You" which stars Amanda Bynes, Jennie Garth and Wesley Jonathan, she was on a few episodes of the second season, soap opera fans may also remember her as bad girl Shannon McBain on "One Life to Live", she also appeared on couple of episodes on the short lived series "Joey" and was most recently seen on an episode of "CSI" which aired in October.

Her acting experience isn't limited to TV, Danneel's professional debut began with the independent short film "The Plight of Clownana". She will be featured in a couple of upcoming movies: "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" and "Ten Inch Hero" (will post trailer later) which features her "One Tree Hill" castmate Elisabeth Harnois, Clea DuVall, Jensen Ackles (CW's "Supernatural") and Sean Patrick Flanery (USA Network's "The Dead Zone").

Before she started acting, this Louisiana native use to model and some of the companies she worked with are Big Juicy Hair and Juicy Jeans. Now she can be seen modeling for KRMA Clothing. Danneel has also been featured on Maxim magazine's 2007 Hot 100 list as well as being featured on the November 2006 Maxim cover with OTH cast mates Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton.

Danneel may be known for playing a bad girl but unlike her character she likes to help out with charitable organizations. Some of the charities that she support are the James Lafferty/One Tree Hill Charity Basketball Game and The Gift of Sight.

Although she has a fast growing fan base she also has an equally fast growing hate fan base which generated from a rumor of her dating fellow CW Network actor and "Ten Inch Hero" co-star Jensen Ackles. I normally wouldn't want to highlight stupidity but this puts a focus on celebrity obsessions, because some of his fan base dislikes her not because of her acting but from a rumored relationship with him. I find that to be ridiculous that they choose to write rude and mean comments on various blogs and message boards about this young woman all because they don't like the fact that she's allegedly dating their favorite actor.

The only thing I see standing in her way is that she seems to get type-casted as the bad girl maybe with time she can expand her acting experience and get casted in different roles.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found this entrie now and I want to said thank you.
I'm a Jensen Ackles fan and I'm really disgusted by some "fans" attitude towards Danneel Harris.

Anonymous said...

I find it demeaning to Danneel Harris that you decided to make this article really be about yourself by feeling the need to interject your personal opinions and views by mentioning these things about Jensen Ackles' fans especially when it's obvious you are just making assumptions and personal commentary about why they may or may not have an apprecation for her as an actor.

Was it really necessary to make an otherwise supportive article about Ms. Harris come down to the very level of behavior you seem to be describing of other fans.

Neither Danneel Harris or Jensen Ackles' careers or possible interaction with each other is about their fans, so why should articles that promote or support their careers be about how their fans may or may not be behaving.

As I see it, you took what could have been a really nice promotional article about a talented young lady and made it a muck rake about the fans of an actor she might be involved with and by doing that, you made the article all about you and your opinons of them and not really about Danneel Harris at all.

If you want to muck rake about Jensen Ackles' fans then do that on it's own, don't do it under the guise of writing an article promoting Danneel Harris, cause she certainly deserves better than that I think.

Lifestyle Guru said...

Anonymous #2 You have every right to write what you feel but the piece was not some political statement, nor about myself or based on just opinions. I did my research and wrote according to that.

I was not fan bashing but relating it to the ever growing celebrity obsession.

sciencegeek51 said...

It's unfortunate that so often a well written and frank appraisal of a situation is either misinterpreted or taken out of context by readers who seem to have agendas totally unrelated to the topic at hand.

Freedom of Speech comes part and parcel with responsibility. This applies to all involved... both on the part of the original author and on those who respond.

In my opinion, the original post was well balanced and rational. The purpose of the post was to promote an individual who seems to be talented, as well as a very nice person.

I can not say the same for the second poster. It is mystery to me why they felt the need to quite literally attack someone for making a perfectly legitimate observation in relation to the subject of the post.

I've seen Plight of Clownana, which had both Jensen and Danneel in the cast. So they knew each other prior to working on Ten Inch Hero. There was nothing stated to imply that there was actually any basis to the assumption that the two are involved, merely that there were individuals who reacted negatively to her merely because it was presumed that she and Jensen were involved. And that this is a very unfortunate example of fan obsession, regardless of what relationship may or may not exist.

I seriously doubt that Ms. Harris would find the original post upsetting in the least. Nor do I think that Mr. Ackles would find it a "muckraking" of his fans. They both seem to be rational and genuinely nice people that are all too well aware of the downside to "fame".

Annie said...

I have been Jensen Ackles fan over 7 years and i have to say that one of the reason i liked him was that he was not like anyone else in hollywood.
its a little shame for me to see that he falls for skiny girls like joanna and now danneel, i realy didnt ever thought he would be that kind of a guy.
But now that i know... lets just say that everyday i care less about jensen it seems like he is going hollywood and thats a shame.
anyway the whole Danneel thing its a little bit weird i dont understand why so many people defend her? i mean there was joanna and no one cared about her and now all of the sudden everybody are defending danneel...its a little bit weird for me.
i dont hate Danneel ( i dont know her to hate her) and i dont like her (cuz i dont know her) but i find it very lame that so many fans care so much about her!

Anonymous said...

Hello long time Jensen Fan (since hf first appeared on days) I praised you for writing a well researched piece. And I could not agree more.. On many blogs/livejournals/myspace you see his :adoring" fans bashing someone he happens to care about, all because he is dating her!
for the reord I am also a Danneel Harris fan, long before they started dating, and was absolutly thrilled to find out they we're dating..

Anonymous said...

danneel is pathetic, to lower herself by saying she's dating jensen ackles when the guy said that he was married to some mystery woman by the name of stephanie ware ackles. I know jensen is going to lock her ass up if she ever says that she's dating him on tv. If jensen doesn't lock her ass up first, i bet his wife stephanie ware ackles would do it for him.