Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Fine Vintage: The Teapot

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I like to drink tea even though it's not the most popular beverage of choice with my age group. I find that with so many different flavors of teas available I like to try a different one at least twice a month be it in bag or loose leaf form. Another thing I noticed, teapots are also not very popular with my age group either but they are a very classic home accessory. They never quite go out of style. They are commonly found in glass, porcelain, silver, cast iron or clay.

I enjoy looking at various tea sets when I'm in home furnishing stores or on the web. Maybe I'll purchase one in the near future.

For instance, I really like this Celeste Teapot Set by Bonjour ($44.99 (sale), $89.99 (regular), It has a very simple understated elegance to it. This beautiful glass tea set is hand blown and was inspired by the glamour and distinction of Paris. The set includes: a 34oz teapot with glass infuser for loose leaf teas, a covered sugar bowl and creamer.

This tea set is sure to add a little charm and grace to your next get together with friends over a cup of tea.

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