Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year's Eve Board Game Party

I was hired to help plan a glamorous Board Game Party for New Year's Eve for two of my good friends. The medium size party will be held at their home in their large family room. Invitations were sent out weeks in advance to know how many guest would be attending. I will be attending but I was also invited to a few other parties for New Year's Eve, so I'll see how many I will make it to.

The Event: A New Year's Eve Board Game Party. Instead of celebrating at a night club this year, they wanted to have a party at home. They love to play boards games and thought it would be fun to have a board game party instead of the traditional New Year's Eve party.

The Decor: There will be 5-6 game stations set up with different board games and 1-2 teens/kids game stations. All the unnecessary furniture was stored in their garage and was replaced with game tables and extra chairs. You can rent game tables if you do not have enough. There will also be a video game station set up.

The lighting should be a medium-low setting to make sure everyone can see but not so bright it's glaring. Placed around the room are tall glass cylinder vases with tall branches of red winter berries in a little bit of water. Also, around the room will be low cylinder vases filled with red and silver horns, noise makers and clear packets of silver confetti.

On a small table at the front of the room will be trophies that will handed out to the winners. Also, on the table will be small red votive candles and small clusters of red roses with wild berries.

Food & Bev.:
Food: The food will be served buffet style. The first buffet: hors d'oeuvres, various fruits and cheeses and light snacks. Second buffet: entrees and desserts. There will be additional stations for drinks.

Beverages: For the children there will be a couple of chilled bottles of St. Regis's Non-Alcoholic Champagne (teens) and St. Julian's Alcohol Free Sparkling Grape Juice (tweens) as well as pop, water, juice, hard plastic cups and ice at the kids drink station.

For the adults, the signature drink Cranberry Raspberry Orange Sparkler: In a glass pitcher combine 6 cups chilled cranberry-raspberry juice, 3 cups chilled fresh orange juice and ice. Divide mixture among 12 flutes and top with chilled champagne or sparkling wine. After dinner drink: Peppermint Pattie: equal parts white creme de menthe and white creme de cacao served in cordial glass on serving platters. Plus, chilled bottle beer, chilled Champagne and non-alcoholic options such as pop, water, juice, etc.

Music: The host is going to let her 18 year old brother be the DJ for the party.

To ensue that no one drinks and drive they paid for a shuttle bus to pick up and drive people home. They also have the numbers to taxi services available for those who may want to use them.

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