Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Life: Just on my mind 2

* I think a lot of people who are thinking about entering into the Fashion or Lifestyle PR field don't realize how much work you really have to do everyday. My day starts early and most times it's long. It's not as glamorous as it appears on TV or in the movies. I considering myself very energetic and ambitious with a passion for this. On some level, I think you have to be because there is so much more than attending events, meeting celebrities, etc.

* A friend of mine who's new to PR has been feeling really frustrated with pitching and wondering why she's not getting her clients a lot media attention. I asked her to send me pitch letters for a couple of her clients. I read it and realize that nothing stood out or seemed interesting. Also, there is nothing in it for the media as in what do they really get out it (for instance is it something that their readers or viewers would really be interested in). The letters just seem a little generic. I ask her to really think about her clients products and really get interested in them because if you're not interested in them then why should anyone else be.

* I received quite a few e-mails throughout the year letting me know that they like my blog because it's not completely focused on celebrities. I really don't like to focus on the tabloid kind of information but I hope that you find it interesting. Thank you for all the e-mails of praise and I hope to continue to bring you great information.

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