Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What I'm Listening To: Chris Brown and Steve Carlson

Two CD's that I have listen to lately are "Exclusive" by Chris Brown and "Groovin' on the Inside" by Steve Carlson. Both are great CD's with different vibes but both are great to listen to.

What I like about "Exclusive" by Chris Brown is the good mixture of fast and slow paced songs. The upbeat fast paced songs are perfect for getting ready for a night out. This CD gives you the feeling that you are already at your favorite nightclub. It has a cool energy making you want to get up and move. I think this album is great and totally fun. Some of my favorite songs are: Wall to Wall, Picture Perfect, I Wanna Be, Help Me, Kiss Kiss, Throwed, and With You.

This CD "Groovin on the Inside" by Steve Carlson is great for unwinding at the end of the day. Some of the songs have a mellow jazzy vibe while others have a country or rock feel. There's not one bad song on this album but a few of my favorites are: Don't Move On, Pinata Novia, Wonder of My World, She's Not There, Now That My Love Is Gone and I Don't Want to Know.

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