Monday, November 19, 2007

Not Just for the Holidays: Donating to Food Banks

During the holidays, we all gather together with our families for big meals and exchanging stories and creating happy memories. We are all comfy and cozy in our homes enjoying the time and feeling thankful as well as grateful.

But the holidays also invoke a feeling of charity of wanting to help others and a great way to help those in need is to donate food to your local food banks and soup kitchens. You can also volunteer your time to help prepare meals or put together food packages. These organizations are a blessing for those who are really in need of assistance by giving them a warm meal to eat or care packages to prepare their own meals.

It's not just during the holidays that you can lend your support, these organizations could use volunteers or donations throughout the year. If you have children maybe you could make it a family project of making a donation. It will give a child a sense of community spirit of helping others.

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