Monday, November 26, 2007

Just another gift suggestion: Secret Santa Donations

This year my friends and I decided to do something a little different for Secret Santa. Instead of just buying each other gifts we decided to make a donation in each other's honor. We thought it would be a nice way to celebrate the holiday and help others. To appease those who might still like a gift we are also going to give our secret Santa's a small gift (it must be $15.00 or less).

If you're not sure what to get your family and friends there are several gift guides available in some of your favorite magazines as well as different TV shows are showing viewers what's hot for the holidays.

However, if your budget is a little low or you can not afford gifts this season don't be afraid to say it. Your real friends and your family will not get upset if you are not able to buy gifts this year. You can also use your creativity to make gifts, for instance if you're a good baker you can bake cookies, cakes and other desserts and give them as gifts. Maybe attach the recipe and one of the ingredients to the wrapping.

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